Tuesday 24th July.

Linda has returned, and is one happy chappie enjoying the warm weather again. She has had a good chance to catch up on a lot of sleep she missed out on whilst in Tassie. Things didn’t help over there, like several of them getting sick, Linda included, all at the same time, which only proved to be an extra strain.

We are feeling a little stranded at the moment as the car is at the panel beaters getting the front end damages repaired, we tried the local bus transport today, which is as easy to use as any other city, but it just seems inconvenient compared to having ones own transport. We will just have to put up with it until it is finished, which I am hopeful will be earlier than Friday as they quoted as there may not be as much damage underneath as estimated, hopefully.

I surprised a few people by riding my bike back from the city after delivering the car for repairs, considering it only took me an hour and ten minutes, with a ten-minute stopover at the shopping centre on the way. This was not too bad, I suppose, considering the trip was about 19 kilometres. Linda is not taking to her bike too well at the moment as the seat is obviously too hard and causes some severe discomfort to her rear section. Hopefully she will get used to it, as I did, and be able to pedal some distance in the future so we can pedal in company with each other.

It is time once again to consider moving on as we have places to go before returning to Tassie at Christmas, such as meet Narrelle and Matt at Townsville before they head off to England. We are not sure when this will be exactly, yet, so our travels over the next few weeks will be dependant on these arrangements. We intent to start off by heading up to the Atherton Tablelands and have a look around there before heading back toward the coast, where we meet the coastline is dependant on when we have to meet them in Townsville.

For explanation only if I am repeating myself on some articles, I am also writing regular letters to friends and family that are written at different times and I find it difficult to remember which article, and when, I have written stories, so from week to week some things may be repeated. For example, we have been camped at this site at Clifton beach for six weeks now and have enjoyed the area, or at least I have, to the extent that we will almost certainly be returning here next year.

Our time here has been very enjoyable, but now it is time to start another venture; start back down the coast and home for Christmas.