Tuesday 17th July.

Arrangements have been made for repairs to the car, but it is unfortunate that repairs can’t be made before Linda’s return, that is if she gets over the ear infection she has contracted before Friday when she is due to fly back. I am hopeful that the repairers don’t want the car for long because it will be hard to do without it for more than a couple of days, I didn’t think to ask them when I booked it in.

I went to the Mareeba rodeo on Saturday and realised that I have never actually been to one before, not that there have been many to attend in Tassie, and found myself marvelling at the ability the contestants showed in their skill in handling cattle, calves and their horses. The ability the horsemen showed in rounding up the calves after the contestants had performed their tasks were remarkable, or at least the training and ability of the horses used was something to be seen. The show was a real hit for the locals, but then I would assume that there would be a lot of use for that sort of talent at the farms around here.

I have been keeping up the bike riding and have almost decided to ride back home from the city on Monday after delivering the car to the panel beaters for repairs. The distance is about 19Klm, but this is about the same distance that a ride to Smithfield shopping centre and back which is a ride that I have accomplished on several occasions.

After having completed all the tasks I had intended to perform during Linda’s absence I now find that I have little to do to fill in time, but things like going to Port Douglas and riding along the beach seam to be the order of events to occupy myself in the mean time.

I have now managed to obtain email addresses for several old workmates as they have been getting my messages from ones that I have emailed and returned me messages giving me their addresses. I have started sending them what hopefully will be a regular report by sending report number 1, and hopefully the others I don’t have will see them and reply to me as well. A message from Macca the other day indicated that NDC have done a complete turn around and called off the sale of the company and once again become a section of Telstra. Another message from Gerry the Pom, another workmate, indicated yet another (Ken Hosken) was in this area, so after getting his mobile number from the Pom I gave him a call only to find out that I had missed him by two weeks. Ken and wife, it seems, pack up and travel in their camper for three months each year and travel inland by a different road each year to Cairns, do a couple of touristy things in his words, and return via the coast, and it was very unfortunate to miss him as it would have been nice to have met up with them while they were here, but maybe next year.