Thursday 12th July.

Time is still idling by and I haven’t yet had much trouble finding something to keep me occupied in Linda’s absence with the normal chores and other things I keep thinking to do. When I do find myself sitting idle, for too long, I just jump on the bike and go for a ride, and this generally kills an hour or so easily.

I have made comments in the past about experiences we have had with mail service, or lack of it, well I am going through a doozie of an experience at the moment with mail deliveries. On or about the 27th June, over 2 weeks ago, my visa card started failing in scanners, so I emailed ISCU in Hobart to request a replacement and as of now I still have not received one (or it). As of Monday past my enquiries as to where the replacement was revealed that there was no trace of where it went, so it was decided by the credit union staff to personally post one to me. Being unsure of when they sent it, assuming it to be Tuesday, I checked today at the PO and it still hadn’t arrived, not even the first one. Another check tomorrow and if it is not there I guess I will have to ring up once again. I am wondering if I am the only one that this sort of thing happens to or whether the entire mail system throughout the entire country is up the shit.

An adventurous outing was experienced yesterday when I had decided to go to Cooktown for a sightsee. I decided to go up the coast road, the Bloomfield track as I believe it is called, and return via the inland road. My reasoning was that the Bloomfield track being a so-called 4WD track only may have caused me some bother and may not have been passable in the panel van. If this were the case I could have simply returned the way I went and another day went the other way. The other reasoning was that if it were not passable and I attempted from the other direction, Cooktown, I may not have had time to return all the way back the other road. I packed an overnight bag in case the first leg took enough time so as my return trip should have to be made the following day after staying at Cooktown overnight. I set out from Cairns at about 9:30am, about as early as I could get myself off, and made my way to Daintree, across the river by the ferry and on to the track. The track would be considered 4WD only, I suppose, for the less than adventurous driver as it is rather rough, but the panel van really had no trouble traversing the terrain, with the exception that the rear end of the car is set up a little too stiffly for such terrain. In fact the track, I noticed, was still a little too hard for even some four wheel drivers, as one hill I approached presented a small problem due to one of those beasts being driven in what must have been low-low gear in low-low range by a novice, as it was travelling up this hill, which was sealed, or concreted, and at an angle of about 45 degrees, at about what could not have been more than 1km/hour. Believe me it was rather frustrating for me to get half way up this hill to be held up by this idiot not having any guts to have a go, probably just as well the old girl is an auto. There were three river crossings with the deepest being about 1 1/2 to 2 feet deep, but the van had no trouble swimming her way though as the bottoms were rock. I was overall disappointed with this trip as several people I spoke to about making this trip indicated that when one had scaled each of these very steep hills one could stop and admire the magnificent scenery, I found only one such occasion that looked down on a small lake in the area. The waterfall at Bloomfield was a sight, but not really worth travelling this road just for a look at it.