Chapter 9.

Heading South

Tuesday 31st July 2001, (Atherton).

Yesterday saw us start to pack up for our move back down south, we moved today to Atherton up on the Tablelands. The packing procedure was one that gave me, at least, the feeling that we are starting out on a new venture as we have been in the Cairns area for such a lengthy period and after forgetting where everything stored it is like starting out for the first time again.

The trip to Atherton was a leisurely one as the beginning section was an up hill steep climb, as any road to the Tableland is, which was probably a good move as it was a good opportunity to give me a reminder of the feel of towing again. As we were traversing the mountainous climb I received a rare CB call telling me that there was a “flash for cash” near Kuranda and my reply was one of asking for an explanation, which was, “a speed camera” or as another CB user said “Kojac’s with Kodak’s”, and I thought how silly of me not to realise. A pause for a rest when we reached Mareeba gave me the opportunity to check the bikes on the rear of the caravan, as it is the first time we have travelled with them on board and all was ok.

I think we are going to notice the temperature difference between that at Atherton and what we have been used to at Cairns, as it is a few degrees cooler in the evenings here, but that is what electric blankets are for.

We are, for now, on our way to Townsville, and need to be there by the 17th of August as Narrelle and Matthew are flying up to spend a couple of days with us before they are off on their venture to Britain, so we have two weeks and a couple of days to get there. At this stage we intend travelling via the Tableland and down inland until Charters Towers and then across to Townsville.