Port Douglas

Tuesday 12th June, (Port Douglas)

We are now at Port Douglas at a park called Pandanus on the main road to the township. This is a very nice park and one gets the impression that it is an old park, well established with large shady trees and concrete blocks on all sites. There is a very nice beach here, very long, flat and very solid sand, which makes for easy walking or bike riding.

The weather is still a surprise to us as it is supposed to be the dry season in this area and it has rained nearly every day since we have been here, it even looked like rain on Sunday when we were due to move, but we decided to move anyway, and it did rain after we left. Last month we experienced the lowest average minimum temperatures recorded for the month of May (down to 11°, cold eh) and this month, on Sunday evening, we experienced the highest minimum temperature recorded for June (down to 23°, warm that night I tell you). The weather has if nothing else made our decision of what to do with ourselves very easy as our choice on most occasions is absolutely nothing, and we have been able to achieve this with consummate ease.

After having a look around Port Douglas, a very nice place and very tourist orientated, there is not a great deal more we wish to do in this area apart from a trip to Daintree and have a good look there and take a boat ride on the river, which I am told is very worthwhile doing. So depending on the weather tomorrow we will go up there, or if it is not fine we will go on Thursday, we must go no later than Thursday because I have made a booking at Clifton beach, near Cairns, for Sunday and if we keep waiting for a fine day we might just miss out, the way things are going.

A little advice from Linda for anybody coming to Port Douglas is to purchase your groceries first, as prices here are very high and she commented that the fruit quality is not very good.

We must be back in cairns next week as Linda flies out for home on Thursday and no doubt there will be heaps she will want to do before she goes to make sure my bachelor spell goes well and I have no problems looking after myself (spoiled aren’t I).

Today was looking as though it may be the first day in over two weeks that it hasn’t rained, but as I sit here it has started again.