Port Douglas

Thursday 14th June.

The weather still hasn’t changed any, it is not raining much but it looks as though it will all the time.

After speaking to a fellow traveller I learned that the road to Cape Tribulation is actually sealed, I hadn’t studied the map to find out and was of the belief that after the ferry crossing that the road was four wheel drive only, so we went for a tour yesterday along the coast to there. The experience was one well worth it, travelling along a road that traversed rain forest, so one couldn’t have been closer to the rain forest if one had tried. We had visits to beaches, which declared, “Where the rain forest meets the reef” and the statement is surprisingly true, with palms and forest plants growing on the edge of the beaches, which are the edges of the reef. I also asked the question of a couple of locals as to whether the road from there to Cooktown was of a nature that my panel-van may traverse, as I was contemplating trying a return on that road when I visit Cooktown in a couple of weeks, and the reply was that the road is closed after some hoons chopped it up with chains attached, so that idea has now fallen through.

We still have the trip to Daintree village and a river ride, which we are planning for tomorrow, but if the weather does not improve we will have to leave it till later.