Sunday 20th May, (Mackay).

We arrived yesterday at Mackay, which is about half way between Brisbane and Cairns, and intend to stay here for two nights. We travelled from Gladstone to Marlborough on Friday, stayed overnight there, and travelled on yesterday. It is just as well we decided to stay here for a couple of days because, even though I didn’t think so earlier in the day, last night showed that all this travelling is catching up with me as all I wanted to do all night was to close my eyes and sleep.

Marlborough is a small place out in the middle of nowhere and apart from a small township several Km off the highway all there is to see is the caravan park and a service station. The road between Gladstone and Mackay goes inland and consequently there is nothing much in the way of townships established, except for this caravan park but only because it is halfway and there are obviously other people around like me and prefer not to travel such long distances and need somewhere to stay.

Mackay has a beach as one has never seen before, as at high tide all looks normal, but at low tide the water is about 1-2 Km out to sea and the beach would be the largest one has ever seen in such a small area.


The tide is in.

And then it is out.