Coff’s Harbour

Wednesday 2nd May, (Coff’s Harbour).

We have now moved on to Coff’s Harbour. We somewhat regretted leaving Nambucca, as we were enjoying the atmosphere the area had to offer. The past few days were filled in by taking walks around the township and soaking in the scenery, this was when the weather permitted as it has been raining lightly on and off for quite a while. We found that it was also quite enjoyable just sitting out in the grassed area near the van and admiring the immediate surrounding scenery.

So today we packed up, and it started raining during packing up, and moved on. We can always return there next time we return, Linda was actually heard to say on departure “we must come back here on our next visit”.

Coff’s Harbour, we have several things to do while we are here and have decided to stay until we achieve our needs. The car needs some attention, such as a cover to keep the salt spray off as well as the sap from the trees we park under. I experienced bad staining from trees in one of our previous stays that would not wash off so I had to actually polish the car to get rid of the stains and I don’t want to go through that again. I will have to chase up the possibility of purchasing a seat that can be fitted between the bucket seats in the Panel van so a third person can be seated. It is especially needed to seat Elly, Granddaughter, as we will no doubt some time in the future will have to look after her, eg when Matt and Lou come to Brisbane in October for their conference. A couple of medical situations need to be followed up, and apart from all this there seams to be heaps to do in the area so I don’t think it will be very difficult to fill in plenty of time.