Coff’s Harbour

Monday 7th May, (Coff’s Harbour).

I am of the mind to change our plans of staying in Coff’s for as long as originally thought as it is raining at the moment, and with the accompanying wind, it is rather cold so we are thinking that at this time of year we may prefer to be further north and we may make a dash for at least Brisbane and then see what things are like, but we are not going anywhere in the rain. Unfortunately it is forecast for several days, so when it has stopped, who knows, it may warm up enough for us to change our minds again.

Linda met her friend Thuraya at church yesterday and afterward she had made arrangements to borrow a car and show us around the area, but during lunch it became clear to me that they would be better off on their own to chat about old times and I would be better off on my own doing a couple of things I wanted to do. After lunch they dropped me off at my car and they went off on their own way. The next I saw of them was at 5:30 pm when they came home for a change of clothes after they had been walking along the beach near the jetty and a large wave appeared from nowhere and swamped them. I reckon they were chinwagging and hadn’t noticed the wave appear.

Wednesday 9th April, (Coff’s Harbour).

We have decided to head for Cairns where the weather may be a little warmer; it has been windy and cold here almost for the duration of our stay and we decided that we left Tassie to get away from the cold, so it’s off to Cairns. The weather has been very disappointing as we were looking forward to spending some time at Coffs, I can see that we will definitely return here when the weather is warmer, maybe in summer. We are going to travel about 200klm per day, every second day, spending two nights wherever we do stop so we can at least get a rest instead of just travel. About two legs should see us reach Brisbane, where we will have to stay a couple of days to visit Deris, my sister, and get the panel van serviced (I should give the panel van a name as it is a large part of our life now).

We finally had a chance today to visit Sealy Lookout, just north of Coffs, a mountain with views not to be missed, I was told, so with the first decent sunshine that we have had since being here we took the opportunity to go see and take some pics. The views were good to the north and south, but not 360 degrees as I was led to believe.

An upset with plans today as I once again visited the Post Office to collect the mail that Matthew was supposed to send on Friday last. It wasn’t at the PO I had requested so I went into the PO in the city centre in case it was sent there by mistake. Still nothing, so in quite an angry tone I insisted that due to the mail being express post that he find out where it is, he calmly said “if you can give me the postal details I will find it”. I then rang Matt to get the details, and to my disgust, found out that he had not even sent the mail as yet. I will have to try to explain to Matt, so it sticks, that we can’t arrange out travels around delivery of mail, and he will have to acknowledge when he has sent the mail when I have requested it to be.