Coff’s Harbour

Still haven’t had a chance to look around Coff’s Harbour yet as I have been working on maintenance. After chasing up getting a seat fitted to the car, the result was that, in NSW at least, it is not legal to fit a third seat in the panel van as the structure in the flooring does not permit, so we will just have to endure what we have so far. I needed to do something about the level riders on the caravan hitch as I experienced a problem in Nambucca that I would not like to recur. Level riders are an attachment that fit between the tow ball section of the car and the towing frame on the front of the caravan and are connected to the van by chains that slot into a metal bracket that sits on the van frame. The connecting pieces are metal rods designed to act as a spring device so when the chains connected to the bars are tensioned up onto the brackets we effectively spread some of the caravan weight on the tow ball off the rear wheels of the car onto the front wheels and the caravan wheels resulting in raising the rear end of the car so the car and caravan ride at the correct level. The chains that connect the rods to the brackets connect to the bars by an eye hook, which is designed to slip along the bar as the vehicle turns a sharp corner, which created the problem by binding on the bar and instead of sliding, grabbed, and pulled the bracket off the draw bar causing the parts to separate and fall to the ground. I looked around some caravan sails yards for a solution, if not a replacement set that would be more reliable, but found some second-hand brackets that bolt to the draw bar, so they can’t fall off, changed the eye bolts on the end of the chains, purchased some spray on silicon lubricant and cleaned up the bars, so now all I have to do is spray some lubricant on the bars when I hook up and see what eventuates. Logic dictates that the new system has got to be better.

An incident occurred today that makes one wonder why some manufacturers make things in the insufficient manner that they do. I needed to try to adjust the rear door of the panel van and to do so I needed a Torx driver with a size 40 bit, or just a bit and use my socket set to drive it, but do you think one can just buy a bit on its own? I was convinced that the only way I would obtain one of these bits was to buy a set, so I did, at a cost of $20 plus and thought that, well I would at least now have a set. When I fitted it to my socket set and attempted to undo the first screw the bit shattered into several pieces. I promptly returned the set to the place of purchase and then found that they did in fact have a bit on its own, it was permanently attached to a ½ inch socket drive, and certainly looked as if it would not shatter like the other, and the price certainly indicated that it should last, as it was as expensive on its own as the set previously purchased. It did the job effectively and now I at least have the bit in case of any future use.

We had a visit from Linda’s friend that lives at Coff’s (Harbour) and they had quite a chin wag, which would be expected, and made arrangements to meet at church on Sunday, as she has not been attending while we have been away because she does not like attending a church of strangers on her own.