Tuesday 3rd April, (Sydney).

Same old story, we have now returned to the caravan and it’s raining. The weather for the last couple of days has given us a chance to follow up on some medical checks and such. Linda is still suffering headaches so it was decided to visit the local GP here and find what she has to suggest, and the result was the same as other doctors have suggested, we follow up with, if all else fails, a CT scan. This worried Linda greatly as what they would be looking for is what was the cause of her mother’s death, an aneurism, and they tell us they are hereditary, so the 24 hours till she was to have the scan were understandably some of the worst hours spent for a long time. The scan was done at 2.00pm today and after picking up the x-ray we returned to the doctor for results, and to Linda’s relief the scan showed nothing, ill effects that is; there were pictures of a brain on the x-ray. Now she is very much relieved and was heard saying that she could now put up with the headache without any complaints (we’ll see about that).

I needed another script for my pills for my shoulder problem so that was organised while we were there and I also had my annual Fluvax injection, which from past years results I would recommend it to everybody.

A water leak under the sink repaired, hopefully, and that was enough to fill in the last couple of days, so tomorrow with the weather supposedly improving we will start our sightseeing around Sydney with a trip round the Blue Mountains area.