Manning Point

Wednesday 11th April, (Manning point).

Well the rain didn’t eventuate today so it was a dry move, thank heavens, and we are now at Manning point, on the coast near Taree. The trip today was another long one, about 200 kilometres, but it was necessary because it seemed that most caravan parks up to this area are booked out over Easter, so the areas we missed we will have to revisit at some later stage. One place to revisit is Newcastle as the road we travelled bypassed it and we were hopeful of seeing it on the way through.

Manning Point seems to be a very nice quiet and small township that I think we are going to enjoy, and I think I might have to finally get the fishing license that I have been toying with obtaining. There is the ocean close by, at this stage I don’t know how far but it can’t be too far by the sound of it, and there is the river almost outside our front door so if I need something to do to fill in time I hardly have any more excuses.

Good Friday 13th April, (Manning point).

Two days into staying at Manning point and not much to report because we are finding this a nice quiet place with plenty of time to relax with interruptions of walks along the beach and the river edge. I am still only thinking about fishing after watching what the others have been catching and throwing back, all I have seen so far have been small and not worth keeping, let alone legal to keep, so they all go back in. Perhaps the fishermen in boats are having a little more luck, heaven knows there are enough of them, but one doesn’t see what they bring in.

I feel that there may not be much reporting at this stay as most that we will be doing is relaxing and probably not worth reporting about.