Friday 23rd March, (Sydney).

Well we have finally reached Sydney, and it wasn’t all that hard finding my way after all. We are camped at a park at Parklea, which is a little north east of Parramatta where sister Sue lives. The main reason for picking this park is because of the closeness to Sue as we will no doubt spent quite an amount of time with her, I’m sure if she had her way she would want us to even go to work with her. This park also seemed to be the closest and most central to everything we would wish to see and do.

Yesterday was spent in the usual manner of setting up camp, finding the closest shopping centre and spending the rest of the day settling in.

Today was to be a day of finding out where transport to the city is, such as ferries that run from Parramatta, for use when we intend to travel to the city. Sue has made plans for us for the weekend sightseeing to the Blue Mountains and into the city area, but we have had to advise her that we have had to change our plans because after a discussion with Linda about her temperament lately it was concluded that her problem is homesickness and we have decided to return home for a week or two. At this moment we are waiting for the Park managers to finish a meeting so we can discuss and make arrangements for leaving the caravan on site while we are gone because it would not be worth taking it to Melbourne and back. We will then make arrangements to drive to Melbourne and catch the Cat to Tassie, so we are now waiting for them to visit us.