Sunday 25th March, (Melbourne).

We are now at Melbourne, in a cabin at a caravan park, waiting to catch the Cat at 7.00am tomorrow. The management at the caravan park in Sydney were kind enough to allow us to leave the van there, although this is something they don’t usually do, at a very minimal cost and when we return our paid stay we had already arranged will continue unchanged. We stayed at Matthew’s, son in law, parents at Albury/Wodonga for the night last night as the distance to travel to Melbourne was too great to do in one day. This worked out well, as we had been hopeful of seeing them soon as we had only met them just before the wedding, and of coarse at the wedding. Narrelle and Matt were visiting Matt’s parents this weekend so it was our chance to surprise them for a change so they weren’t told that we were arriving. They were actually out when we arrived so I hid the car and waited for their response when they came in and saw us sitting in the lounge, and it was worth it. Nobody at home have been told we are coming either, except for Matthew, our son Matthew this time, as I had to stop him forwarding on our mail, so we intend to surprise them all one at a time by visiting each individually.

I was quite surprised that I handled the long drive yesterday as I did. From Melbourne to Wodonga took about 6 hours and this would have to be the longest single stint of driving I have undertaken in my life and everybody expected me to ‘crash’, physically, when we arrived, but to everybody’s astonishment, including mine, I didn’t appear to show any signs of fatigue at all. Now that I have done the Melbourne 3 1/2 hour leg I am now feeling it so I am looking forward to a good night sleep tonight before we board the boat.