Saturday 17th March, (Kiama).

Woke up about 8 o’clock and it was raining so I thought that we would be staying another day, but after having a shower and breakfast, then doing my crossword, the weather fined up and we decided to travel on. We ended up in a place called Kiama, just south of Wollongong and about 2 hour out of Sydney. The main attraction here seems to be a series of blow holes, one large and one a quite deal smaller, and I am hopeful of getting some good photos of these if I can pick the correct weather conditions. There seems to be quite a few things to do in the area so we may just decide to stay a little longer if we decide to make several day trips.

Monday 19th March, (Kiama).

Yesterday we had a good look around the town, a market and folk festival attracted quite a few people, and it is quite a nice place. The larger of the two blowholes seams to be quite spectacular, or probably would be given the right sea conditions, given that details studied reveal that it can spurt water up to 60 metres in the air. It would be nice to think I could catch those conditions but I doubt it. The smaller brother to this blowhole in itself is quite spectacular, it is very much smaller but it is consistent in its workings and constantly spurts water and air quite high.

After walking around a fair bit we were rather tired last evening, hence the lack of writing last evening.

Today we ventured up the coast to Wollongong, about 20 kilometres, having a look at Port Kembla on the way and, of coarse, Shell Harbour where we had to pick up Linda’s glasses after repair. Now she will be able to get back to reading and overcome her boredom with no option but having to watch TV.

Wollongong and Port Kembla areas didn’t impress us too much as they are too industrious to do anything for us.

I had another look at the large blowhole on the way home to no avail because it seemed the tide may have been too high to have any great effect, but hopefully I might catch it while we are here.