Wednesday 21st March, (Kiama).

Rain again, so we have decided to stay another night at Kiama. This will give us a chance to catch up on a little computer work like make up Elly’s photo book and add a few words to this document.

Yesterday we had a trip to Minnamurra falls, about 20 kilometres west of Kiama. This is a very interesting National park and presented very well with very well constructed walkways through the park made from steel framework and flat timber surface, no steps. There is a loop walk around the rain forest area and another walk to the falls made from brick pavers, very steep in parts and again flat, no steps. The whole walk took up about 2-2 1/2 hours so it filled in the day nicely, and believe me I needed the exercise. On the way we chose to go via Saddleback Mountain to have a look at the lookout as advertised on our travel brochure only to find out that it would be a terrific place to have a lookout. The views would have a 360-degree panorama if only one could see above the trees. A local told us that there was a lookout on the south side if we could find the track, but the only track we found was unused and grown over, hence we could only imagine in our heads what the view would look like.