Monday 5th March, (Eden).

With the Formula 1 Grand Prix on in Melbourne over the weekend, not much sightseeing was done so we had a very relaxed weekend with me in front of the telly and Linda either reading or catching up with a little housework.

The order of today was just a look around the township, among of which was the Whaling Museum, which was quite spectacular having quite a lot of memorabilia from days of old and a theatre showing a continuous film of ocean life in the area. A stroll around the wharf area revealed a breakwater of a nature one has never seen before. It is mainly constructed of pre made concrete blocks, but rather than stacked or connected together they look as if they were just thrown there which brings one to the idea that they weren’t specifically made for the purpose.

I went to the Post Office to collect an Express post parcel sent from Matthew on Thursday or Friday, but you guessed it, it wasn’t there, so the length of our stay looks as though it depends on how slow the mail is in NSW.