Thursday 8th Feb, (Toora).

The time came to move again and this time we have moved to a small township called Toora near Port Welshpool where the Cat used to dock in Victoria from its trip from George Town in Tasmania. I chose this place because I wanted to visit and see Port Welshpool, and there seems to be a number of places of interest in the area.

We arrived here yesterday and had a day of relaxing between setting up the caravan and putting up with the sizzling temperatures again. Today we had a little tour, mainly because of the heat again so we could sit in air-conditioned surrounds, around the several fishing ports in the area. It has almost convinced me to go and get a fishing license but we will only be in Victoria for a couple of more weeks so I might leave that idea until we reach NSW. Places like Port Franklin and Port Welshpool are very nice little townships and a man could quite easily settle down in one of them for a while and just do a little fishing, if he were that way inclined and had a boat. We also visited Yarram, which seems like a friendly place, as it would be the first time that I had noticed what seemed to be locals waving at us as if they knew we were visitors. Linda also noticed that the supermarket had a different atmosphere and gave her the feeling of wanting to shop there all the time, and the prices were reasonable cheep as well.

At 9.00 PM and it is now raining with thunder storms in the area and the temperatures are finally dropping, although it is still fairly muggy in the caravan still, but we may finally, by the looks of it, be in for some cooler wether.

The caravan park at Toora is quite good considering the charges are less than we have been paying lately and the standard is almost as good as the others that we have been staying at. This park has an indoor pool and spa, which others haven’t, which has been of great relief on these hot days to get in and cool down. Linda has had another win today by convincing me to join her and others in the pool, as I have not been one for swimming of any nature, but with the temperatures we are having it didn’t take much convincing. We are hopeful of cooler temperatures tomorrow and possibly a little rain, so if it does rain it will be nice to just sit around the park and relax. We have struck it off with another couple in the park so we do have someone to talk to if needed.