Sunday 11th Feb, (Toora).

We had a trip to Wilson’s Promontory yesterday, a very picturesque area. The main thing that will stay in my mind though was the lack of any animals in the area, I would have expected to see a Roo or a Wallaby or something, but not one. One could enjoy a week or so camped on the Prom, as there are countless walks to occupy one’s time. There is a very large camping area that provides all facilities except for power, and no generators are allowed. The camping area was quite full of campers, which probably explains the lack of animals; the people could have scared them off.

A trip around the hills behind Yarram today was an interesting excursion, to see the change in flora being so close to the coast. I could accept the bush yo be of a rain forest nature if the hills were mountains and more rugged, but they aren’t that high at all. We had intended to see a national park in the area but once we had to start sorting out where we were at most intersections, we decided to give it a miss. We were following a tourist drive suggested by a brochure that we had and it was to make it easy by providing numbered signage that stated off being visible at intersections at the start of the trip, and we noticed them at the other end, but there were none in the middle. The area has at one stage been logged and replanted so the result was gravel roads in all directions and it would have been easy to get lost. Once we found where the Park was it was a little late to see much so we passed. We had a look at a couple of waterfalls on the way home so the day wasn’t a waste, not that it was going to be because it was an interesting drive anyway.

Now it’s time to sit down and choose where we are going to move to tomorrow.