Thursday 15th Feb, (Sale).

We found out that the service at the local doctors is as slow as anything else in the area with a 2-1/2 hour wait for the 10.30 appointment, but I suppose it was worth it to find nothing wrong and it also helped when they bulk billed.

We travelled to a little place called Blue Pools, today, near Briagolong North of Sale and there is a nice little gorge there, and I don’t know whether I have seen clearer water in a creek anywhere as this one has.

We had a walk through the bush for about a kilometre or so to peregrine lookout, which did give a reasonable view of the mountains beyond the pools, and there is a mineshaft along the track also. The shaft is an old gold mine and only consists of a big hole in the ground covered be steel work.

It was quite a pleasant afternoon in fact and quite a lovely place one could have had a bar-b-que picnic.