Monday 26th Feb, (Mallacoota).

A very wet trip was had from Bairnsdale to Mallacoota yesterday, in fact it was that heavy at one stage that I couldn’t see more that a couple of meters in front of the car. Fortunately the heavy stuff didn’t last too long but it did rain for the entire trip and we had to set up camp in the rain. The countryside though was reminiscent of the west coast of Tassie and looked as though it rains a lot in the area.

Mallacoota gives one the impression that it is at the end of the earth, with most of the people in the area being tourists. Unlike other obvious tourist areas this one has the feel that it is only a camping resort. The caravan park we are in is 1-2 Kilometres before you get into the township and set in bushland. This makes it rather peaceful and easy to sit back and relax. There are quite a few caravanners in the park and a lot of them seem keener to talk to others than I have noticed in other parks.

A short trip into the township and around the immediate area revealed other camping grounds that stretch almost all along the shoreline around the town. We also noticed that amenities at the other camping ground were few and far between, so we decided that we are probably better off where we are because it is felt that if we decided to camp in the other ground, which is more central to everything including the beach, we may have had to literally have a drive to the toilet and showers.

A small picnic area at a river inlet along the coast being a very nice place will call for a day there relaxing in the sun, and no doubt Linda will attempt to get me into the water again. With a picnic lunch we could make a day of it either lying in the sun on the grassed area, or the sand on the large beach there, or in my case in the shade on the grassed area.

I undertook another modification to the caravan today that hopefully will result in the fridge working better. I have read somewhere in the past that one traveller having trouble with his fridge, especially in the hot weather, mounted a couple of computer fans in the air flow path behind the fridge which, due to the better air circulation, resulted in a greater efficiency from the fridge. The job has been done and now it is wait and see if it works. It doesn’t seem to have made a great deal of difference in the several hours since but it may be too soon, or it may only have any effect on hot days so we will see in the future.