Tuesday 27th Feb, (Mallacoota).

The fridge only seems to get things just a little cooler at the moment, but the big test will be the high temperatures we will no doubt experience in the future.

We had a walk around the shoreline today, which is very scenic. I took a series of pictures but unfortunately the panorama of the view does not come out in the photos, as one would be better off with a wide-angle lens, which unfortunately doesn’t exist for my camera, as far as I know. I settled for what shots I got, as at least I know what they were meant to show, and then took some pictures of some pelicans to put with others that we are collecting to send back to the grand-daughter, maybe they will help with her education.

I went to the kiosk to get Linda a bottle of cordial and started talking to the owner/manager about our travels and discovered that when you get this man talking it is very difficult to get away. I would have learned a lot about where to go in NSW from this learned man, but with all the knowledge that he threw my way I found it hard to remember any of it. About the only way I could have remembered it all would have been to have a cassette recorder with me. Then I was in trouble when I returned to the van as tea was almost ready when I left and now it was overdone and Linda wanted an explanation as to where I had been for the last 30 minutes.

Wednesday 28th Feb, (Mallacoota).

A nothing-happening day today as is rained all night and has threatened to rain all day although it hasn’t. We at least had a chance to do some house work, like clean the windows on the caravan and other things like the wheels and apply some protecting agent against the sunlight on some van surfaces.

We plan on moving on to Eden in NSW tomorrow but at this stage we will have to wait and see what the weather brings.

Hopefully, if it doesn’t rain, this will be the last from Victoria so we will next meet in New South Wales.