Thursday 1st Feb, (Inverloch).

The weather has finally improved, for now at least, and the temperature has reached 35 or so, which is quite hot and sticky but I am sure if it keeps up I could quite get used to it.

We have moved to Inverloch, which is just around the coast from Phillip Island. This is a place of many beaches, but if we keep going around the coast this will be a regular sight. We picked Inverloch because there seams to be quite a bit to see in the area and this is central to it all. The township is quite small and I would liken it to Bridport in Tassie, which is a holiday town that is populated heavily during the warmer seasons and not so much during winter. For this reason the shopping centre is not very large and we have already found that we have had to go to Leongatha to purchase things like bread mix and assorted cordial, which I will need a lot of if this weather continues.