Saturday 3rd Feb, (Inverloch).

Another sweltering day with the temperatures up in the high 30’s, it is now 9.30 PM and I reckon it is still in the high 20’s. A news report tells that Inverloch is about to receive a cool change and it will be welcome.

We had an adventurous day with a visit to a coalmine in Wonthaggi, which included a guided tour of a working section of the mine. The interesting part was that the mine being owned by the government, means that they insist that the working part of the mine must remain operating in the same manner in which it did in its hey day.

This area of Victoria is very popular because of the endless beaches. People come from everywhere when they can, for example today being Saturday and there is no spare room on the beaches, let alone parking spaces within walking distance from them. We had a drive along a tourist drive around the coast between Inverloch and Wonthaggi, and decided that we will have to return to have a good look another day when one can find parking.

With a long weekend and Easter coming up in April we decided to try to plan ahead as to where we might be so we could book in and not be left stranded, but with the plans we have it is almost impossible to determine where we are going to be 2 months in advance so we have no other option but to wait and see what eventuates in a time frame closer to the dates concerned.

I am feeling a bit more comfortable at the moment because I was trying to put these words down while sitting outside where it is cooler, but having the light on it became intolerable putting up with the insects so there was no alternative but to move inside. It isn’t so bad inside now as the night is starting to cool down.

Oh well it must be time for a final smoke, a toilet trip and put myself to bed no matter the temperature otherwise we will get no sleep at all.