Thursday 22nd Feb, (Bairnsdale).

Paynesville, near Bairnsdale, was the visiting order of the day today, and I keep seeing eye-opener places. Paynesville, as with anywhere in the area, is centred on boating and everywhere you look you see boats and more boats. We had a good long walk around the area and liked what we saw. It is situated on the edge of one of the lakes in the area that feed down to the mouth at Lakes Entrance. It is another township that, apart from fishing, is tourist orientated with cruises around the lakes in the area. We decided not to take a cruise for several reasons; we could not decide which one, mainly because they leave from different places around the lakes and choosing would have been difficult; we decided that it would be more appropriate to save our money from not taking these cruises and take one further up the mainland coast where it will more than likely be a better adventure.

Depending on vacancies at Mallacoota we have decided to stay on here for another couple of days and visit Lakes Entrance in depth and then travel on.

Saturday 24th Feb, (Bairnsdale).

For the first time in ages we have had some rain overnight, it must have only been a drizzle though as rain is very loud on the caravan roof and we didn’t hear anything. This of coarse means that if things don’t dry then we will have to stay here until they do, it is nice not being committed to a schedule.

We spent the day at Lakes Entrance yesterday and decided that if one had a boat there is plenty to do there, but if not there is not really a great deal to do but walk and look at all the fishing boats or sit and relax. The place is obviously a fishing port as there were non-stop boats moored at the jetties all up the shoreline.

The township is another that is fully tourist orientated with Motels and caravan parks stretching over about ¾ of the main street and our booklets indicating there are about 37 caravan parks in the area.

Above are a couple of pictures (pictures have been deleted for posting on the web site) of caravan parks in the main street, and although they are ideally situated they, in my opinion, are not the best of parks because they do not consist of much room and the sites are small and crammed together to squeeze in more. They are probably ok if one only intended to stay overnight but with us staying for periods of a week or more it would be just a little confined. Surprisingly though the prices appear to compare with anywhere else, except for peak periods when they nearly double.

All in all though Lakes Entrance is a very nice place, and as I said, if one had a boat and fishing gear one would not have any trouble finding something to do.

We visited a small place called Metung on our way back, which, in my opinion, must be a millionaire’s holiday area. This was apparent with the size and style of the homes, or shacks, and the endless jetties with yachts and cruisers tied up to, with gates locking them all to keep visitors out. There appeared to be 1 if not 2 boats per house in the area.

Today, as I said, being wet will give us a chance to complete some chores around the caravan. Surprisingly we are continually coming up with ideas to improve living standards in the van and are making more rearrangement to improve the situation with the main area of concern of how we can reduce weight carried in the van and more efficiently utilise cupboard space, so these are some of the chores for the day. This will also give me a chance to catch up with some computer work, such as download some more photos to CD, and make more reports on caravan parks. So down to it.