Wednesday 21st Feb, (Bairnsdale).

Linda’s birthday today proved one of surprise and emotion; she was visited by daughter Narrelle, received a phone call from son Adrian who was calling from the church back in Tassie and all that was there sang happy birthday over the phone and received a call from dear friend Leona. The day was basically based, some aspects unknown to her, around Linda’s birthday with my knowing that Narrelle and Matt had planned a surprise visit on their way home from Bega, NSW, and I was waiting for a message from them to make arrangements for us to meet. Trying to cause delaying tactics and keep Linda at the Post Office at 1.00 PM for that meeting was a mean feat, so I decided to carry on walking around town and guessing that Narrelle would ring to find out where we were. Fortunately when she did ring she was aware of the situation and helped greatly in carrying on a conversation that would not give anything away. I mentioned in our chat that we were on our way to the information centre so that they would meet us there, and what a meeting, we went in and Nelle and Matt were already there and Linda walked in and moved in very close proximity to them, in fact she nearly pushed them apart so she could look at what they were blocking, and they having their backs to her she did not recognise them. It was when Narrelle recommended a book Linda was looking at to her that she realised they were there, and what a surprise. It was also a surprise for me that I had kept the whole thing secret as I did. When Adrian rang and they all sang happy birthday she wept with joy, to the extent that I thought something was wrong, and she was so pleased to receive the call from Leona because of all the friends she left behind I think she misses her most.

With wasting time in the morning, an enjoyable meal with Nelle and Matt and a nice tea with a bottle of de- alcoholised wine, the day was a very enjoyable one with Linda, I’m sure, enjoying it immensely.

We haven’t yet decided what to do after Friday when our booking here has expired so we will look at that soon. It is very nice knowing that we can just make up our mind whenever we want.