Friday 26th Jan 01, (Frankston).

Our plans of visiting some local reserves today and having a walk around came to nothing as the weather prevented us from doing anything outside, you guessed it, and it rained all day. We utilised the opportunity to wander around the local shopping centres and do some shopping, not that we had much to do. Now that the day is over, 7.00 PM, the sun has decided to come out and all it is doing is making it very muggy.

I contacted Rick Cooper again today and they are back in Frankston, so we arranged a time to meet. Due to them leaving their children in Tassie for a few days they have decided to take a trip on the motorbike to the Great Ocean Road tomorrow afternoon so we will visit late tomorrow morning and possibly make arrangements to meet again one night before we leave on Wednesday.

Monday 29th Jan, (Frankston).

I visited Rick on Saturday, Linda stayed home because Rick’s wife was working and it would have been a bit boring for her listening to men talk. The house Rick has built met the expectations that I had given him, rather luxurious, and the standard of wiring preparation put in by him far exceeded that I would have expected of anybody.

We went to Geelong for a trip yesterday to visit the rellies before we head off on Wednesday, all were well and nothing had changed since we were last there. The trip home was something else though, everybody was returning home from the long weekend away and I never would have dreamed that I would have seen so many vehicles crammed into one spot at any one time. The entire 70 odd kilometres of the highway from Geelong to Melbourne was cram packed and we could only maintain about 50-60 kph all the way.

We finally made it to a reserve today to have a look around and found the flora and, what little fauna we saw, was really no different to that at home but it was good enough for a pleasant long walk.