Friday 3rd, (Yarrawonga-Mulwala).

We have moved on to Yarrawonga-Mulwala (Yarra-Mul from now on) and if places improve every time to the extent they have so far then we are going to end up in Eden. This looks like a very nice place to be and I am sure we are going to enjoy our stay here. We are thinking of going on a luncheon boat ride tomorrow on one of either cruise boats called M. V. Paradise Queen, or Lady Murray as it looks rather inviting.

We rang up the other day to book into this caravan park and were told to just arrive and don’t bother booking, and today found out why, the park is humongous and has heaps of park spaces. This place would be very busy if ever all the spaces were full.

Linda had a big win today, she finally convinced me that she should buy me a pair of shorts, and believe me with the temperature as it is today I have no problems wearing them at all.

Saturday 4th, (Yarrawonga-Mulwala).

A small tour today reiterated my feelings for Yarra, It is a place I wouldn’t mind settling down in, but we can’t have ideas like this so early in our travels cause who knows what we will see next. We must come back here though and stay for a while longer.

Yarra-Mul is situated around Lake Mulwala created by a weir Built across the river in 1939. The lake is an ideal area for boating except for the eastern end which still has all the trees standing, even though dead, obviously from when they dammed the river. Cruise boats travel the lake several times a day and it is our intention to take a cruise on Monday either lunchtime or tea time and enjoy a meal on board.

The river below the weir is still high with the floodwaters and looks like an ideal fishing spot. Fishing in the river in this area, from the weir down to Cobram, is banned for three months at this time of year because of spawning season and is not permitted until the end of November. This is a pity because this has been the first time on our travels that I have been tempted to get the rod out of the car. We are parked right on the bank of the river and there is an ideal spot to throw in a line just behind the caravan.

The shopping centre in the town is quite large and with all shops open today we spent some more time walking and checking out the wares, even bought some more shorts.

We are going on a trip to Corowa tomorrow, as there is a market on that Linda wants to go to, but for now we might just check out a 3km walk along the river edge.