Echuca / Moama

Friday 20th October 2000, (Echuca / Moama).

Didn’t stay in Melbourne too long, only two nights, just long enough to see Nelle and Matt and go into the city for a quick look around as we hadn’t intended to even stay there until just before the wedding.

After discussing where to go to next we changed our minds and decided not to go to Ballarat and Bendigo but instead we went to Echuca / Moama. We made an advance booking with a Big 4 park in Moama but, as they indicated, they were short of room due to ground works and the wet wether over the last couple of days made what ground they did have unusable so they referred us to another park close by called the Maiden’s Inn Holiday Park. After one night here we have decided it would be very nice to stay here for a while so here we will prop for a while. It is right on the edge of the river and if we can learn to put up with the flies and mozzies I am sure we will really enjoy our stay in this very picturesque area.

After travelling around in the car, for what was longer than expected, discussions today quashed my ideas of driving around to look at the surrounding areas, such as Swan Hill and Mildura, as Linda is content on just relaxing and just taking in the immediate surroundings. As she also pointed out we will get the opportunity to visit all these places at leisure when we return later.