New Life Start

Chapter Two

New life start

Monday 4th Sept. 2000.

A few days have now passed since leaving work and I am finding it rather enjoyable knowing that we can arise from bed whenever suits us.

In the weeks gone by I have taken the opportunity to buy myself a laptop computer, a CD writer and a new digital camera. Most of my free time so far has been taken up with loading all these devises to work on the laptop and practise using them. I feel these toys will be very useful in the future to write the story that I am now doing and to take heaps of pics of such things as Narrelle’s wedding and of our travels around the large island of Tasmania (Australia).

Plans have started to sell the house, as we have decided, so that we can invest the money’s from the sale to give us something to have when and where we decide to settle in the future. The organization of the will has also commenced, which is something we should have done a long time ago.

Things to do in preparation for the sale of the house are being delayed at this stage because of things like the weather, moving Adrian from one flat to another which is tying up the use of my panel van and shed as all our travel equipment which belongs in the panel van is stored in the shed and I cant put it back in the van until it is free. Painting of the interior of the house will have to wait until the weather improves because it is really too cold to paint right now, but a Real estate agent has agreed to commence the sale procedure now on the basis that who knows what will happen.

Tuesday 12th September.

My redundancy payment turned up today and my investment plans have been set, so we can now happily settle into the life of relaxation. We treated Adrian and Matthew, plus family, to a celebration dinner this evening and all had a fantastic time, even the other dining patrons who were taken aback with the antics of Elly (grand daughter).

The past week has been one of the most enjoyable for a very long time as there have been no worries of any kind, especially no alarm clock. I have had the opportunity to sit back and think about and plan things to happen in the near future. I have changed our boat bookings to the mainland for Michael’s wedding in October and Narrelle’s in November so we can have the 7-week trip, and practice run in the caravan, that we had originally planned but a lack of sufficient leave from work prevented. We don’t have to worry about things like that any more as we have all the free time to do whatever, whenever we please.

The house fixing can basically wait now until we return from our trip with the exception of tidying up the yard and perhaps a little paint I may be able to spread around the inside in the meantime.

We have started proceedings with the will and hopefully finalise them this week.

Our appointment with centerlink is tomorrow to work out if we are entitled to any allowances from the government, I think it about time something was paid back after all the years of paying tax. I am not holding my hopes too high on receiving any benefits but anything that we can pick up will be a bonus to making our life that little easier.

No benefits are forthcoming immediately, but after a minimum wait of 13 weeks I will be entitled to a portion of the allowance called New start and Linda will be eligible for a partner allowance. One of the conditions of receiving this allowance is that I will be expected to either look for work or, because of my age, partake in some form of voluntary work. The voluntary bit sounds ok but I don’t know how long I will be entitled to the allowance after we start travelling. I would doubt that we would be entitled to anything.

I guess things from now until we head off to the mainland in October will be a little mundane so I guess chapter three will start with that trip, or at least the preparations.