Caboolture, January 2019, Week 3B

Saturday 19th January 2019, Caboolture.

The sale of the van is now all but complete. The new owners have made payment in full, have filled out the transfer papers, which I am still holding, and intend coming to pick up the van first thing Monday. What more can I say?

Caboolture January 2019, week 3.

Wednesday 16th January 2019, Caboolture.

The couple interested in purchasing the van did in fact come through on the agreement we made, and yesterday made the payment of a deposit on the van, and I think it has only just now hit us that this part of our lives that we will cherish forever is finally over. We will now obtain the legally obliged safety inspections, and when this is done the final payment for the van will be transferred to us, and they can then take the van away. We are going to miss it. We have had a chance now to reminisce about out time in the caravan and still come up with the idea that we would not have changed anything in the time we were travelling. We are now being very much reminded about a lot of stories we have to tell about our lives in that van, and we ourselves are at the moment getting a lot out of thinking about those stories. I must stop waffling and now put with the next few days in a normal fashion until the final transactions are complete.

Caboolture January 2019, week2.

Tuesday 8th January 2019, Caboolture.

We have just started a new year, and I certainly hope it will be better than the last part of last year, having suffered several losses of family members.

I have obviously been busy with the museum and the men’s shed as I have not been writing anything for a long time. Just as well, as I had some trouble with my web site server falling over a few days ago and I lost some input data that had to be re-uploaded. My TV information will now be that 12 months out of date, but not many changes happened, and it will also be updated again very shortly.

Anyway, this year could see a big step taken by us in changing a rather large and important part of our life. After getting comfortable in the house, and Linda even more not liking the idea of the actual travel bit in the caravan, we have decided to put a ‘for sale’ sign on the van and see what interest is attracted. As a reminder, we lived in the van for 16 years, and definitely consider that it would have to be one of the better things we did with our lives. We certainly do not have any regrets and enjoyed it thoroughly. We have had quite a few show some interest, but have not been back for a second look, BUT, we do now have a couple who have indicated that they would like to make the purchase. They have gone away for the weekend and when return will come and pay a deposit, and when that happens, I will undertake my obligation in getting safety inspections made before we finalise the deal. In the meantime, I have taken the for sale sign down because I do believe that they are rather sincere in making the offer.

Let me wish that everybody has as good a 2019 as I hope ours is.

Caboolture September 2018< Week 4.

Sunday 23rd September 2018, Caboolture.

I have been rather busy since the last report, getting elected as a committee member at the shed for one thing. Nothing much will change with this appointment I shouldn’t think, although any computer work needed now, I am instantly nominated, not that I mind I Guess, it keeps me busy. It was thought that members needed a membership card, so it was then my task to build it, I think I did rather well for the first time. Then it was suggested to make a newsletter as we hadn’t had one for such a long time. The chap that used to do it, and a lot of other things, resigned, and there has been nobody since willing.

The museum has had me running also. We are updating our web site and I have had the job of re-taking photographs of all the artefacts that were displayed on the old site as we decided to keep the content the same, just give it a more modern look. For this reason, all the photos had to be a lot higher resolution than on the old site. There may have only been 30 or so photos, but to collect the articles, take the photos and replace them took a fair bit of time. It is not complete yet, but I am having a rest to do other things before getting back into it again.

I mentioned last time that I was suffering bad chest pains, the result was ‘Costochondritis’, an inflammation of the tissue between the ribs. I think I am rather fortunate though as the prognosis was that it could take up to a year or so to heal, but I do seem to have recovered already.

Caboolture August 2018, Week 1.

Friday 3rd August 2018, Caboolture.

Another month has snuck its way past again without realising. This has been another busy month, with doctor’s visits, and visits from two ex-workmates within a couple of weeks of each other. One was John Chellis, who with his wife came for a long drive from Tassie to visit several friends and rellies on the way. It was very nice of them to think of looking us up while here. It has been a long time since seeing John and Susie, but unfortunately, we did not have enough time till they had to go, but we did get in a bit of reminiscing. Then Ken gave us a ring to let us know he was in the area and would like to drop in and visit once again. Ken and wife Val, who has now left us, have called in on us many times over the years of travel during their travels, keeping an eye on the Blog to see where we were, and then calling in on the way past. One of my fellow shedders told me a while back that he knew Ken and would like to meet him for the first time since being kids together, so I got him to call around for a short while during Ken’s visit to also catch up, all went well.

I had a very busy week at the museum, with our President on holidays I have seemed to take over his role as well. Not that I really mind, but it was a week of much to do.

I may be laid up for a while with a bad pain in my left lower chest area, and I am very hopeful that it is only a stretched muscle. A few more tests will tell all, but I cannot for the life of me recall what may have done it. On the day, yesterday, I did do a little soil digging, raking and sweeping, but nothing too heavy as to cause this. The worst part was during the evening last night with me sneezing, and boy did that exacerbate the situation to a pain level I do not think I have ever experienced in my entire life. It did calm down a fair bit over night and has not been too bad today, so now hopefully it is not too bad and will clear up soon. Blood tests and an X-ray were done today, and an ultra-sound on Tuesday and this should all tell us what it is. I am just a bit peeved that with old age things just seem to happen too easily.

Ronald & Linda Tew, All over the countryside