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  1. Ron,
    Great read about TV reception. I found it trying to fix my house reception in the Bungendore area but explained why the caravan is can not get anything. I tried to locate the “MYSWITCH” phone app but doesn’t seemed to be available anymore. Have used antenna mate but this is effected by tin roofs in that it effects the direction it tells you to point your Antenna when you are near a roof. defeats the purpose of getting up on the roof to adjust. Found another one called tower finder (Jims Antenna service) that seemed to point me in right direction but still have reception break up. Thanks for the read it was good.

    1. Hi Ron, I last spoke to you about 3 or 4 years ago. Since then I have made a conversion for the Winegard and Signel Commander Antennas. This conversion changes these antennas from horsontal to vertical and back at the flick of a switch from inside your motorhome or caravan. I have sold a hundred or more and the people that have brought them say they are very good and can get vertical reseption TV, when they change to vertical from the information from your TV, problem with Vertical Polarization areas information publication.

  2. Hi’ Ron, Ron Tidd here. I’m still making my conversations to the antennas that we spoke about some time ago. This conversation replaces the back leg of these antennas. at the flick of a switch.
    If you are travelling through the Corowa area I would like to meet you.
    Ron Tidd

  3. And yes I still give to my customers a copy of your TV Reception Problem with Vertical Polarization areas paper.
    Ron Tidd

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