The following businesses are ones I have used and recommend for good service, or price.

Photography. Belonging to my daughter, for any photography in the Melbourne area visit .

TV Products, in particular an aerial. An aerial I can recommend, a Fracarro LPV345F, is available from Laceys TV at they will post or direct to a retailer.

Satellite Products. Two sites I recommend are:- and . These two sites will have almost anything satellite between them, one has some parts cheaper than the other, and vice versa.

BRASH IMPORTS. In the market for reversing cameras and monitors, or even GPS, have a look at brashimports The best prices by far and the friendliest service ever.

N-Com Pty Ltd – Broadcast Engineers. This is due to the Sales Manager providing me with some handy information on VAST TV.

Northen Caravan Repairers. 47 Stanley Dr. Somerton Vic. 3062. Ph 03 9308 5131. These people fixed some damage to our van cased by a runaway Emu, and we were extremely impressed with the repairs. They did several other little items that were unexpected along with some other service repairs I had requested while it was there. One thing I wasn’t happy about though was the hand brake cable being not adjusted properly, too tight, but they did come the 40 Kilometers to fix the problem.

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