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Echuca / Moama

Tuesday 24th October 2000, (Echuca / Moama).

Since our arrival ay Echuca, having our relaxed attitude, we have missed an opportunity to have a good look around due to the weather. The fine days we did have were utilised in just familiarising ourselves with the area and now the weather has turned to rain and looks like it has set in for a while so our opportunities to look around are somewhat restricted. This is just one of the things we are going to have to put up with though, and if necessary we will just have to extend our stay for a short while if we wish to have a good look around, as time is of no consequence to us.

As the clouds are patchy today we might just go and have a ride on one of the paddle steamers anyway and hope that it will be fine enough to get a few decent pictures, but any picture taken will be worth it anyway as it will reflect the true events as they occur.

Echuca / Moama

Friday 20th October 2000, (Echuca / Moama).

Didn’t stay in Melbourne too long, only two nights, just long enough to see Nelle and Matt and go into the city for a quick look around as we hadn’t intended to even stay there until just before the wedding.

After discussing where to go to next we changed our minds and decided not to go to Ballarat and Bendigo but instead we went to Echuca / Moama. We made an advance booking with a Big 4 park in Moama but, as they indicated, they were short of room due to ground works and the wet wether over the last couple of days made what ground they did have unusable so they referred us to another park close by called the Maiden’s Inn Holiday Park. After one night here we have decided it would be very nice to stay here for a while so here we will prop for a while. It is right on the edge of the river and if we can learn to put up with the flies and mozzies I am sure we will really enjoy our stay in this very picturesque area.

After travelling around in the car, for what was longer than expected, discussions today quashed my ideas of driving around to look at the surrounding areas, such as Swan Hill and Mildura, as Linda is content on just relaxing and just taking in the immediate surroundings. As she also pointed out we will get the opportunity to visit all these places at leisure when we return later.


17 October 2000 (Melbourne).

Venture into Melbourne and visits to the factories that built the caravan only reiterated my old feelings of Melbournians, which is their unfriendly nature and unwillingness to help people. Although I had success in finding the right places and parts that I needed I was less than impressed with the attitude in offering assistance. Anyway enough of slanging, I have to learn not to let it bother me as we will have to do dealing with these people in the future so we will have to put up with it.

We decided to move camp into Melbourne because after looking at the map it is not far out of the way of our planned journey and it will save us a return trip from Geelong. We found a park in North Coburg not far from Sydney road and will be close to the restaurant where Narrelle is having their reception, so it could prove to be the place for rellies to stay when they come for the wedding.

We have also decided to stay in Melbourne for a day or two so Linda can do some window shopping in the city in readiness for buying a dress for the wedding, and there are a couple of things we want to do while we are here.

We had tea with Nelle and Matt tonight and made a few arrangements needed before the wedding and planned for a weekend meeting in Wodonga to be introduced to Matt’s parents. This will be the 11th of Nov. so this is the only plan we have before the wedding to work around during our travels.

I have had trouble with Email using my mobile the last couple of days and I suspect that a low signal level may have been the problem, especially now that we are in a strong signal area and it worked no problems. I must soon make up my first message to send off to the family group, might just do it now.





15 October 2000(Geelong).

The wedding was a great success and all had fun. My most observant point on the day was the fact that for the first time at a party with most of my relatives I remained sober. A question to Linda about wether I ever got that raucous when intoxicated, her answer was an emphatic yes, which I appreciated to be correct.

My toys were a hit with all that had a chance to preview on the laptop the photos that I took at the wedding and reception. One photo taken at the reception really stood out so I made a print of it and everybody was so engrossed, especially Michael and Courtney who were so pleased to receive this as their first wedding photo they wanted to frame it.

A leisurely day was had today and an afternoon tea was had at a café so Courtney could meet the rellies on Michael’s side before they went on their honeymoon and rellies went home.

Hopefully a good rest tonight and a good sleep and we should be ready to venture into Melbourne tomorrow to buy replacement parts for the caravan and possibly visit Narrelle and Matt before we start our travels.



13 October 2000 (Geelong).

We have arrived at David and Marnie’s at Geelong. They live on the Bellarine Highway at Wallington on the western side of the bay. We have set up camp in their back yard, 5 acres, plenty of space, and will be here until possibly Wednesday so I can go to the caravan factory to enquire about a new rim and other parts damaged in our little mishap.

While in Devonport I, with the help from a friend, attained some replacement u-bolts for the axle, which were worn down after skidding along the bitumen, and replaced the them after crawling under the van for a couple of hours.

A bit of an upset today when I attempted to download my photo’s from the camera taken over the last few days and some how they all ended up in software heaven some-where, I have an idea what happened and apart from admitting to being a novice with my new toys I am not elaborating on anything else.

This is short and sweet, but after not getting any sleep on the boat last night I am looking forward to a good nights sleep so I can enjoy the wedding tomorrow all the more.