Caboolture, February 2018, Week Three.

Friday 16th February 2018, Caboolture.

I keep apologising, but here it is another month gone by already. I have been quite busy lately though, when one can avoid the heat, with photography to do with the building stages of the new shed, I have been nominated the shed photographer. We are nearly there, but work has been slow the last couple of weeks with whatever excuses the builders are making, but we are hopeful that the build will be finished in a couple of weeks and we can get in and start doing what we need to do before moving equipment in. Things like install lighting and prepare the floors are things that must be done before anything else, and I guess this stage will only take up more of my time seeing that I have volunteered extra time of mine, if needed, to help with these jobs.

The museum has been keeping me busy also. I have held the position of treasurer for the past year, and I have found that along with that position comes other responsibilities being a ranking official of the committee. We are going through a phase of introducing a new company, called Heritage Telstra, to manage the artefacts held by all the three museums and with my official status I am being called on to assist with the discussions about introducing some common paperwork instead of us all using different forms. This on its own has been keeping me busy with doing work at home as well as Wednesdays, and today the realisation just hit me that we have an AGM this week, and I have some preparation to do for that. Now that I have completed that, I have reminded myself that the web site still exists, and there should be some more words put down.

Caboolture, January 2018, week three.

Monday 15 January 2018, Caboolture.

Once again here it is two weeks into the new year, new chapter, and I haven’t put down any words.

We had a wonderful time at Heathcote Junction, as we had a fair bit of time with the family. We left there on the 3rd Jan. and returned home. Shocking weather since we have been back, I didn’t think a couple of weeks in Melbourne would make all that difference, but we did feel the humidity when we did return. Then the past couple of days have been in the very high 30’s, which is high for here, and with the humidity we had to sit in the caravan all day yesterday with the air-con and watch cricket. A cool change came through last evening and things are back to being tolerable once more.

Our new building at the Men’s shed has finally started progress. The slab went down last week, the pieces were delivered today, and they are supposed to begin assembly tomorrow. This will give our shedders something to do when at the shed, watching the assembly, and of course I have the job of taking a series of photos during the whole process.

Heathcote Junction 2017, final week of the year.

Sunday 31st December 2017, Heathcote Junction.

This should be the last report for the year, as tomorrow will be next year. We are still at Narrelle’s and will be returning home on Wednesday. We had our final visit to Port Melbourne to visit Matt and Lou and the kids, and said our goodbyes until we see them next. We will not be celebrating the new year, as usual, because we generally cannot stay up that late, but if something calls for it we have been known to stay up on the rare occasion.

Till next year then, and have a wonderful new year.

Heathcote Junction, December 2017, week 4.

Tuesday 26th December 2017, Heathcote Junction.

Been here for almost a week already, and what an action packed week it has been. This is probably only expected for Christmas though as it has not only been us visiting Narrelle and family, but Matt’s parents as well with brother Lorne. With all that has been happening here, and visiting Matt and Lou and Kids, and driving to Hoppers Crossing to pick up a pool fence we have been quite busy and the time has been flying. A few chores around the yard and helping Matt install the pool fence and there has all our time been taken up. Matt’s parents have gone back home today, Lorne is still here for a couple of days, and things should start to quiet down a little from now on. So for the next week we are here things should be a bit more relaxing, I hope.

Heathcote Junction, Melbourne, December 2017, Week 3.

Thursday 21st December 2017, Heathcote Junction.

We are now back in Melbourne, Heathcote Junction at least, North of Melbourne on the Eastern side of the Hume Highway near Wallan. We flew down yesterday and will be here for two weeks visiting Narrelle and family, and Matthew and his family. All went well yesterday until we arrived at Heathcote Junction, oh I suppose I should point out at this stage that because Narrelle was busy at the time we arrived, we decided to catch a bus from the airport to Broadmeadows and then catch a train to Heathcote Junction where Narrelle would meet us. Immediately before we were due to disembark the train there was a tremendous downpour and we got saturated getting off the train to her car. It was just as well it was not too cold and we dried out in not too much time.

We are expecting a packed house for a few days as Matt’s parents are due for a couple of days over Christmas as well, so we are for now bunked in the studio, fitted for sleeping, and it is as comfortable as anywhere. The studio is one end of the shed Matt and I built, and was for Narrelle and her photography business, but gets more use for housing guests, so it was a very worthwhile exercise building it. This was where I did my plastering apprenticeship.

It has only been five months since we were here last, and we are still surprised at how much the kids have grown, but I guess this is a usual grand-parent thing.

The other thing I have been preparing myself for is the walking in this area. Because we are now in a hilly area it is impossible to walk anywhere without going down, and eventually back up some steep hills. Last time we were here, and after taking a walk, I found some muscles I hadn’t used for a while, and ended up sore enough to stop me from walking for a couple of days afterward, so on my walks back home lately I have been incorporating a small hill in the centre of Caboolture township, and walking up and down it a couple of time each walk to hopefully overcome this happening again. After going for the same walk today that bothered me last time, I am now wondering if the practice worked or not, as I think I am feeling it already, tomorrow will tell.

After doing our final stint of shopping tomorrow we are very much looking forward to some relaxation with all the family, and letting our hair down, I even left my blood/sugar meter at home so it doesn’t have to bother me, not that I am going to over-indulge anyway.

We do wish everybody a very merry Christmas, well as merry as you wish to make it, and a very joyful new year.

Ronald & Linda Tew, All over the countryside