Thursday 8th Feb, (Toora).

The time came to move again and this time we have moved to a small township called Toora near Port Welshpool where the Cat used to dock in Victoria from its trip from George Town in Tasmania. I chose this place because I wanted to visit and see Port Welshpool, and there seems to be a number of places of interest in the area.

We arrived here yesterday and had a day of relaxing between setting up the caravan and putting up with the sizzling temperatures again. Today we had a little tour, mainly because of the heat again so we could sit in air-conditioned surrounds, around the several fishing ports in the area. It has almost convinced me to go and get a fishing license but we will only be in Victoria for a couple of more weeks so I might leave that idea until we reach NSW. Places like Port Franklin and Port Welshpool are very nice little townships and a man could quite easily settle down in one of them for a while and just do a little fishing, if he were that way inclined and had a boat. We also visited Yarram, which seems like a friendly place, as it would be the first time that I had noticed what seemed to be locals waving at us as if they knew we were visitors. Linda also noticed that the supermarket had a different atmosphere and gave her the feeling of wanting to shop there all the time, and the prices were reasonable cheep as well.

At 9.00 PM and it is now raining with thunder storms in the area and the temperatures are finally dropping, although it is still fairly muggy in the caravan still, but we may finally, by the looks of it, be in for some cooler wether.

The caravan park at Toora is quite good considering the charges are less than we have been paying lately and the standard is almost as good as the others that we have been staying at. This park has an indoor pool and spa, which others haven’t, which has been of great relief on these hot days to get in and cool down. Linda has had another win today by convincing me to join her and others in the pool, as I have not been one for swimming of any nature, but with the temperatures we are having it didn’t take much convincing. We are hopeful of cooler temperatures tomorrow and possibly a little rain, so if it does rain it will be nice to just sit around the park and relax. We have struck it off with another couple in the park so we do have someone to talk to if needed.


Saturday 3rd Feb, (Inverloch).

Another sweltering day with the temperatures up in the high 30’s, it is now 9.30 PM and I reckon it is still in the high 20’s. A news report tells that Inverloch is about to receive a cool change and it will be welcome.

We had an adventurous day with a visit to a coalmine in Wonthaggi, which included a guided tour of a working section of the mine. The interesting part was that the mine being owned by the government, means that they insist that the working part of the mine must remain operating in the same manner in which it did in its hey day.

This area of Victoria is very popular because of the endless beaches. People come from everywhere when they can, for example today being Saturday and there is no spare room on the beaches, let alone parking spaces within walking distance from them. We had a drive along a tourist drive around the coast between Inverloch and Wonthaggi, and decided that we will have to return to have a good look another day when one can find parking.

With a long weekend and Easter coming up in April we decided to try to plan ahead as to where we might be so we could book in and not be left stranded, but with the plans we have it is almost impossible to determine where we are going to be 2 months in advance so we have no other option but to wait and see what eventuates in a time frame closer to the dates concerned.

I am feeling a bit more comfortable at the moment because I was trying to put these words down while sitting outside where it is cooler, but having the light on it became intolerable putting up with the insects so there was no alternative but to move inside. It isn’t so bad inside now as the night is starting to cool down.

Oh well it must be time for a final smoke, a toilet trip and put myself to bed no matter the temperature otherwise we will get no sleep at all.


Friday 2nd Feb, (Inverloch).

We had a trip to Phillip Island today and I was a little surprised to find it seemed to differ a little from when I visited there when I was working here in 1999. The difference is probably only due to the fact that Linda was with me this time and our look around the island was of a more in-depth nature. I was a little upset when we travelled down a road to the coastal area known as pyramid rocks, the road was gravel and very finely corrugated and the vibrations caused my rear view mirror on the inside of the windscreen to fall off. No damage was done except for the $6 odd to buy ½ dozen drops of glue to glue it back on. A look at seal rocks on the southwest corner was enlightening because there was a good array of walkways around the point, which I either didn’t bother to use them last time or they weren’t there. The coastline here is very picturesque and rugged.

We also saw some penguins in burrows and the tracks the parent have carved into the cliffs in scaling them to reach the young.

We then went to a Koala park near the middle of the Island, which was unusual because although I have seen and read a lot about Koalas, I have never seen one eye to eye.

A look around Cowes revealed how nice a place it is, well laid out good beaches, which is obviously why this is another place which is very tourist orientated but none the less a very nice town. It was to my surprise when we looked at the books that the caravan parks on the island are no more expensive than any other in the area, which the idea that they were is one of the reasons that we chose not to stay here on the way past.

It was another stinker of a hot day today and they tell us it is going to be just as hot tomorrow, if not hotter, and Linda got her way again today by getting me to wear a T- shirt. She bought one when she was in the shops and I must admit that I took my shirt off and donned the T-shirt there and then in the car park. It was washed immediately after we got home, because it had a prickly new feel, so it will hopefully dry by tomorrow so I can wear it again. At this stage I don’t know what I am going to do tomorrow because with all this flimsy clobber I am wearing lately I have gotten a little sun burned and I certainly don’t want it to get any worse.


Thursday 1st Feb, (Inverloch).

The weather has finally improved, for now at least, and the temperature has reached 35 or so, which is quite hot and sticky but I am sure if it keeps up I could quite get used to it.

We have moved to Inverloch, which is just around the coast from Phillip Island. This is a place of many beaches, but if we keep going around the coast this will be a regular sight. We picked Inverloch because there seams to be quite a bit to see in the area and this is central to it all. The township is quite small and I would liken it to Bridport in Tassie, which is a holiday town that is populated heavily during the warmer seasons and not so much during winter. For this reason the shopping centre is not very large and we have already found that we have had to go to Leongatha to purchase things like bread mix and assorted cordial, which I will need a lot of if this weather continues.


Friday 26th Jan 01, (Frankston).

Our plans of visiting some local reserves today and having a walk around came to nothing as the weather prevented us from doing anything outside, you guessed it, and it rained all day. We utilised the opportunity to wander around the local shopping centres and do some shopping, not that we had much to do. Now that the day is over, 7.00 PM, the sun has decided to come out and all it is doing is making it very muggy.

I contacted Rick Cooper again today and they are back in Frankston, so we arranged a time to meet. Due to them leaving their children in Tassie for a few days they have decided to take a trip on the motorbike to the Great Ocean Road tomorrow afternoon so we will visit late tomorrow morning and possibly make arrangements to meet again one night before we leave on Wednesday.

Monday 29th Jan, (Frankston).

I visited Rick on Saturday, Linda stayed home because Rick’s wife was working and it would have been a bit boring for her listening to men talk. The house Rick has built met the expectations that I had given him, rather luxurious, and the standard of wiring preparation put in by him far exceeded that I would have expected of anybody.

We went to Geelong for a trip yesterday to visit the rellies before we head off on Wednesday, all were well and nothing had changed since we were last there. The trip home was something else though, everybody was returning home from the long weekend away and I never would have dreamed that I would have seen so many vehicles crammed into one spot at any one time. The entire 70 odd kilometres of the highway from Geelong to Melbourne was cram packed and we could only maintain about 50-60 kph all the way.

We finally made it to a reserve today to have a look around and found the flora and, what little fauna we saw, was really no different to that at home but it was good enough for a pleasant long walk.

Ronald & Linda Tew, All over the countryside