Wednesday 18th May 2011, Darwin.

I suppose I was a little naïve to think that Darwin would be like any other Capital city in Australia, when, from what we saw in our initial drive round today, it is far from it. From the highway into the city it looks like the whole area has been planned, but the suburbs just haven’t been built yet, all you can see is trees. We had a couple of priorities today with a little business to be done, so after that was done we didn’t have a great deal of time to do much looking around but we did get a little bit of an idea. We shall be returning to the city on several occasions, our first impressions were good as it is a bit of a spread out city, and actually gives the feel of being just another large city, which I suppose that is exactly what it is.

Darwin, at last.

Tuesday 17th May 2011, Darwin,

It has been ten and a half years but we have finally made it to Darwin. The temps are going to be interesting of an evening, as to whether we can tolerate the 20’s over night or not, I guess we will just have to acclimatise or else.

Katherine, Edith Falls.

Sunday 15th May 2011, Katherine.

It now seems that my, or our, faith in the Katherine area has been somewhat restored with a visit to Edith Falls today. These falls are also in the Nitmiluk National Park but on the south western corner, about 60K from Katherine toward Darwin. These waterfalls would have to rate among the better we have seen, they are not grand or large, but the scenery around the series of 3 or 4 falls and the water holes between them is quite spectacular. The walk up to the falls was again what we were also looking for, a little strenuous in parts, and after doing walks two days in a row our legs are feeling a little like jelly at the moment. A rest day come pack up day tomorrow should relieve the situation though. See a picture on Recent Photos.

Katherine and the Gorge.

Saturday 14th May 2011, Katherine.

How one day of our lives can change the situation and travel plans. We went to Katherine gorge to do some of the walks today, we did go there the other day just for a look, and left there rather disappointed with the area. There are several walks at the gorge, one being a loop walk to a lookout over the first section of the gorge, which is rather lengthy comprising of several gorge sections, 9 I think, and then one basically going to each section of the gorge. We had intended doing the first loop walk and the one to the next gorge section that would total about 8 kilometres, a good walk for the day, and this would then give us an idea of whether a river cruise would be worth it. It does seem that if one doesn’t want to do the many K’s of other walking tracks to see the gorges, much too much for us, the only other ways to see it all is by either a helicopter ride or a river cruise, and we do have to consider these cruises as our budget will just not allow this sort of thing at every place we visit. We did the first loop walk to the first lookout and were reasonably impressed, but not to the extent as we expected, but when we got to the second walk it was a completely different story. The track itself turned into a path made up of rocks of a rounded shape between 2 and fifteen centimetres in diameter loose underfoot, and after traversing several hundred metres of this there were two things we decided that we had to give serious consideration.

1. Linda’s back was not in the best of condition, giving her a little trouble over the past few weeks, and this sort of terrain would certainly not help it, but only aggravate the situation.

2. What a lot of people are unaware of is that people getting on and around our age, and more, have got to give a lot of thought to not breaking any bones, they will probably break easier at our age, they are harder to mend when broken at our age, and we are in a remote situation and that sort of thing would be an extreme inconvenience. The pathway footings were certainly of a nature that we could have easily lost footings and caused some damage as described.

Giving these points all the consideration needed we decided not to do the second walk, another 4 odd kilometres of that was just too much, so we returned to the car park. During the return leg, and when we got there, we discussed our disappointment with the entire situation and decided that we would do no more sightseeing at the gorge on this visit and give up and go on to Darwin on Tuesday. We do have to stop here again on our return down this way, it is the only way to drive out of Darwin, so we will then decide on doing more then when we consider things like how Linda’s back is coping.


Friday 13th May 2011, Katherine.

I have been conversing via email with somebody from Caravan News, which I think is an online magazine of caravan news stories. I must admit I haven’t heard of this web site until now and after having a look at it I could well do the same more often in future. Anyway I received an email from them requesting a few details about myself and our travels, and about my helping others with TV reception so they can publish it in their next issue. I did respond so it will now be interesting to see what eventuates. This is the web site of the magazine by the way www.caravanningnews.com .

We had a bit of a maintenance day today, cleaning a few areas of the van that haven’t been done for a while, and repairs to our plate stand, crockery that is, it is only built from small pine timber so it has done a fairly good job lasting all this time. It is surprising how these maintenance jobs just pop up from nowhere, it started with the plate stand and a couple of loose bars, and before we knew it the day was over and heaps of little chores were done.