NEW PHONE APP. There is a free app for phones available from the usual places called MYSWITCH that will give all TV transmitter details Australia wide on an address basis. It also gives location dependant Satellite setup figures. A web site of the same name also exists, just do a search on myswitch.

NEW TV AERIAL FOR TRAVELLERS. Now that the Restacking has been completed read This Document about a new aerial for travellers, suitable in most areas of Australia.

New Satellite Tuning Meter. Download.


This page covers TV reception details for fellow travellers.

There is a booklet with details of what is required for good reception throughout Australia.

There is now also some details on Satellite reception and setup procedures.

A new digital Satellite system called VAST has been commenced, initiated by the government, and there is some information on this. Travellers are now allowed access.

Also included are details on channel information for each state of Australia. These documents are updated, hopefully, each month.

One will require Adobe Reader to access these documents, this can be downloaded from the Adobe web site, Click Here.

I have now also started a page for GPS POI’s and have started with POI’s for TV transmitters Australia wide, have a look at This_page.


Reception Details.

The ‘Grey Nomads’ quide to Australian TV Reception is available as follows: For the revised edition for POST ANALOGUE Click Here. For the old edition Click Here.

The ‘Grey Nomads’ quide to Satellite Dish setup procedures: Click here.

VAST Digital Satellite TV: This is a new digital satellite system: Click here.

Optus C1 Satellite alignment settings: Click here. (This is a document from Hills Antennas)

Work out your own satellite alignment settings: Download

Using a Clinometer for Satellite elevation settings: Download

Quite a lot of travellers are having trouble in areas with Vertical Polarization, if so check out this document: Click Here.


TV Station Details.

Details for Digital channel transmission are available for download as listed below. (Updated 10th July 2015.)

TV Northern Territory


TV Queensland

TV South Australia

TV Tasmania

TV Victoria

TV Western Australia

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