BIG CHANGES TO TV WATCHING IN REGIONAL AREAS. Capital city areas are unchanged.

Basically WIN and Southern Cross TEN have reversed the Programs they are transmitting. WIN has retained its name and are now transmitting TEN programs, and Southern Cross Are now transmitting NINE Programs and are using the name of NINE. Channel SEVEN is unchanged.

To find the channel you want, Simply reverse the Logical channel numbering you used for channel 5, and additional digits, and 8, and additional digits.

Documentation on this page will be updated to reflect these changes in the very near future.



NEW TV AERIAL FOR TRAVELLERS. Now that the Restacking has been completed read This Document about a new aerial for travellers, suitable in most areas of Australia.

New Satellite Tuning Meter. Download.


This page covers TV reception details for fellow travellers.

There is a booklet with details of what is required for good reception throughout Australia.

There is now also some details on Satellite reception and setup procedures.

A new digital Satellite system called VAST has been commenced, initiated by the government, and there is some information on this. Travellers are now allowed access.

Also included are details on channel information for each state of Australia. These documents are updated, hopefully, each month.

One will require Adobe Reader to access these documents, this can be downloaded from the Adobe web site, Click Here.

I have now also started a page for GPS POI’s and have started with POI’s for TV transmitters Australia wide, have a look at This_page.


Reception Details.

The ‘Grey Nomads’ quide to Australian TV Reception is available as follows: For the revised edition for POST ANALOGUE Click Here. For the old edition Click Here.

The ‘Grey Nomads’ quide to Satellite Dish setup procedures: Click here.

VAST Digital Satellite TV: This is a new digital satellite system: Click here.

Optus C1 Satellite alignment settings: Click here. (This is a document from Hills Antennas)

Work out your own satellite alignment settings: Download

Using a Clinometer for Satellite elevation settings: Download

Quite a lot of travellers are having trouble in areas with Vertical Polarization, if so check out this document: Click Here.


TV Station Details.

Details for Digital channel transmission are available for download as listed below. (Updated 18th June 2016.)

TV Northern Territory


TV Queensland

TV South Australia

TV Tasmania

TV Victoria

TV Western Australia

4 thoughts on “TV RECEPTION”

  1. G’day we are new at satellite TV and have just bought a vast stb.
    We have used our foxtel in the van and have been told that we would need a duel lnb if we wanted to use both foxtel and vast.

    we are wondering if we could split the lnb signal with a lead to each stb but only power up the stb that we would like to watch and if we wanted the other just turn one off and then one on.

    would value your opinion

    Kind regards and thanks for the tips on ants – just what we need


    1. The only problem with using a splitter to split the one lead over two units is that the LNB requires power from the STB to operate, so make sure the splitter will pass DC power from each STB to the LNB. Other-wise your idea should work. The idea of a double LNB is the better idea though, as you could then have a separate lead to each STB. Another use for the second LNB outlet, if you are not using it, is to feed someone else’s STB so they don’t have to set up their dish. This wins friends very quickly.

      1. Hi, I caravanned extensively through Queensland, NT, NSW,
        using a splitter was not so useful as foxtel signal voltage was different to my setop box voltage. The double LNB is the way to go.

        1. Tony,
          I wouldn’t have thought the voltage supplied by STB’s would effect the LNB that much as it will handle a wide range of voltage, but you are right the only way to go is a twin LNB.
          As said before the other advantage is winning friends when they park next door for the night and you offer them a connection to yours instead of them setting up their dish.

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