Sunday 11th June 2017, Benaraby.

Sunday 11th June 2017, Benaraby.

Another move sees us at a small town of Benaraby, near Gladstone, just for an overnight stop before we move to Yeppoon tomorrow.

Lake Redbrook would be an ideal place for nothing but relaxation, and fishing with the family. It is in the centre of a large sugar cane growing area 15K from Childers, so one can’t just get up and walk to the shops as one does. They have a couple of walks around the lake which show off the abundant wild-life around the lake. There are birds galore, and they have a large pen containing deer, a couple of miniature ponies and along the walks to see these there is an orchard with various fruit trees. A sign hanging says “take what you can carry only”, so one can get some fruit when ripe. We could well return there for just a couple of days, which we possibly plan on our return trip, but you would literally have to be prepared to do nothing at all if you were to stay longer.

Benaraby seems to be reasonable for an overnight only, not much about. We are considering another town of Mirriam Vale on the way home.

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