Jurien and rained in.

Saturday 28th June 2008, Jurien Bay.

We are tied down at the moment with inclement weather and will be staying an extra day or two until it fines up enough to pack up and move. The park we are currently at does not drain extremely well and we were rather flooded in on Thursday and yesterday with the torrential downpours we had. It is reasonably fine today, but is a bit windy and is forecast for occasional showers, so rather than get caught in rain half way through packing up it is easier to decide to stay for extra time. This idea demonstrates how flexible we can be with travel times, not being committed to any plans, where other campers are obviously committed to their travel arrangements. We have noticed over the past couple of days, in the pouring rain, other campers are still coming in and trying to setup in the shocking weather, while others are packing up and moving in it. This is not our idea of happy camping so it is much easier and pleasant to just prop until it fines up.

Jurien Bay

Thursday 26th June 2008, Jurien Bay.

We went for a drive to Mt Lesueur Nat Park today, even though it is out of wild-flower season. We are now in the wild-flower district, but they don’t occur in full splendour for a few months yet. This national parks main feature is its wild-flowers so it would be quite a spectacle in season. We did see some flowers, obviously some come out early, and if these are an example of what to expect in the season then I am not surprised why people rave about them and insist we cannot visit the area without seeing them. I do intend posting some pics on the web site, and flickr, but not now, I will wait until the season when I should get some better ones.

Over the past couple of days we have also visited some of the smaller towns in the district and have decided that any of them, so far, would be worthy of a stay sometime, if one had the time. The main reason we chose Jurien was because it is the largest in the area.

Jurien Bay/The Pinnacles

Monday 24th June 2008, Jurien Bay/The Pinnacles.

Went for a drive today to The Pinnacles south of Cervantes in the Nambung National Park. These are a series of rock formations that was left after the sand in this desert was blown away. There are thousands of these pinnacles scattered over quite a few acres and are a must see when in the area.


Jurien Bay

Monday 23rd June 2008, Jurien Bay.

Feeling a bit better today, still a little stiff but getting around ok. We have done the preliminaries for a new location by going to the info centre and decided on what trips we will do while here. It seems there will only be about two day trips to see what we came here, for not being wild-flower season, so we will have several relaxing days just wandering around town and along the walking tracks. Jurien appears to be just a holiday town, apart from the fishing Marina for the local Lobster fishers, and I guess it would be a favourite holiday spot for Perth residents being reasonably close. It seems to be quite a pleasant little town and our stay should be quite enjoyable if the weather keeps up as it is at the moment.


Sunday 22nd June 2008, Jurien.

I am a little ‘Buggered’ at the moment after packing up yesterday, and moving and setting up today after sitting in Perth for so long. I didn’t get much of a chance for a lot of exercise while in Perth due to the inclement weather, and it does tell after moving once again.

We have moved on further north toward the warmer weather and are at a small place called Jurien, or as some maps call it Jurien Bay. (See map). Jurien seems to be quite a nice small town and there seems to be quite a bit to do around the area, but I guess that when we sit down and have a look at what there is to do we will find out, but one thing we did come here to see is the Pinnacles.