Sunshine Coast uodate

Saturday 30th June 2007, Sunshine.

Not much extra to report at this time, we are having a reasonably quiet time, and enjoying it. Linda, still coughing, is improving a bit and hopefully will be over it soon.

The weather seems to be on the improve up this way, we haven’t had the woes of NSW and VIC, but it has been rather wet, windy and cold. It is forecast for sunny and 20 odd degrees for the next week or so, and it will be welcome.

I have been bumping into quite a few Tasmanians recently, some from George Town, my old stomping ground, and quite a few ex work colleagues. It seems that more and more are taking up this type lifestyle, although they aren’t selling up, they just come for the warmer weather.

guilt feelings

Sunday 24th June 2007, Sunshine.

Since writing my previous entry on 22nd I have been left with a few guilt feelings. The first was when son Matthew replied to my comment about our lifestyle being our best decision. Matt basically said that surely things like getting married, and having kids would have to rate. I guess in the elation of the moment I showed one of my typical traits of putting down the words I feel at the time without giving a great deal of thoughts of what happened over the past 30 odd years. Not that I take back anything I did say, but I would have to agree they do certainly rate, apologies to family members.

The most important though, was the fact that I dwelt on the fact that my health is at a better level now than it has for a long time, when poor old Linda is still badly suffering from Whooping Cough that she picked up while in Melbourne, I really am feeling guilty about that point. This ailment is one of those things that will last a while, but I am sure when she does get over it she will consider that she also fits that category.

Travel Ponderings

Friday 22nd June 2007, Sunshine Coast.

Linda and I have now been living in our caravan travelling around this country of ours for going on seven years now and I have recently been pondering whether it was a correct decision to make. Considering that when I left work with that idea in mind there were a few work colleagues, and others, dumb foundered that we could even consider doing so: Well read on and learn.

We have now seen a great deal of Australia, something we never would have done if we vegetated at home, and have now learned that there is much more to be seen, we haven’t been to the west yet. One thing we both now enjoy is watching those travel shows on tellie and being able to say “We have been there� or “We know where that is and look forward to being there soon�. We have met hundreds of people in our travels and have continued friendships with many of them. We have learned that people living the same, or a similar, lifestyle are the friendliest group of people around, meeting many of them and getting together telling our individual stories brings the friendship out of many.

More importantly than anything, I am convinced that this lifestyle has got to be a great help in improving ones health. Even though I started a lifestyle change before I left work, giving up alcohol due to having bad liver problems, I now find that my health is better than it has been for quite a number of years. This can only be attributed to not having any more stress and pressures from work, and believe me the last couple of years at work were extremely stressful. I have recently had a visit to a doctor and had a minor check-up with blood tests etc. and even though I was not surprised with the results, they were quite revealing. My blood pressure was actually down to absolute normal, the first time I can recall for at least the last twenty years or more. All bodily functions showed very normal, in fact the doctor, whom I had never seen before, actually questioned my earlier statement of being diabetic, stating that there were no signs at all in the blood tests that there were any hints of any diabetic related problems. My answer was that my diabetes was now not a problem after my liver has rebuilt itself and regained normal functions.

Need I say any more. This is a lifestyle I have recommended to people who have been considering it by saying, “If you have the desire and opportunity, then don’t think about it, just do it, you will be surprised by the results�.

I recently received an email from an ex work mate who mentioned that he and his wife have recently purchased a small caravan and had considered the travelling thing, but being a person who needs a shed, and things to keep himself busy, like fixing TV’s and things, didn’t think he could handle the change. I didn’t actually say this to him, but I would not be surprised if he did actually succumb to the lifestyle change. I find that there is hardly a moment, apart from wet cold days, that there is nothing to do to occupy ones time, and there are plenty of opportunities to actually do TV work during travelling. This is one thing that does occupy a fair bit of my time, setting up Set Top Boxes, and helping configure aerials etc.

There are disadvantages, of course, like Linda missing the opportunity to spent a lot more time with the grandkids and other family, but she does get the chance to fly home whenever she wants for a visit, as she has done a couple of times each year.

It is also fortunate that I have been paying superannuation all my working career, as there now seems to be enough there to provide us with a reasonable living for quite a while, all going well.

I could prattle on like this for ages, but I won’t because I think I have made my point, and have convinced myself that this has probably been the best decision I have made in my entire life.

Sunshine Coast

Monday 18th June 2007, Sunshine.

Time to sound ‘Soppy’. It is very nice to once again have Linda back home. This is not just because I can now get fed properly, with decently cooked meals, a nice roast lamb tonight, but I do find her company helps pass the time a lot more easily. I do admit things were becoming a little boring while she was away. Her company is probably not the absolute best at the moment with the bug she bought back with her, but I really don’t mind whatever little inconveniences that come along with it.

I am once again showing a little frustration with businesses on the Sunshine coast. On past dealings in the area I have noticed how businesses here don’t seem to give a great deal of importance to ringing clients to keep them informed of the status of deals. The same was noted of the refrigeration people fixing my Waeco fridge, on numerous occasions I had to call them, and call back again, to find out what was happening. More today when after I had noticed that they had not replaced the screws in the cover after repairing the fridge. I rang them early this morning to complain and their response was “I will get the tech give you a ring and arrange a remedy�. At about 4:00 PM I had to ring back to find out what was happening to get the answer “If you bring the fridge in now we will fix the problem�. Question, why couldn’t they ring me earlier with the same response?

Another set-back was when I arrived at the workshop: the receptionist confronted me with a bill, so much for the thought of a warranty repair. My questioning this revealed that the fridge was in fact one year out of warranty, oh well it is going to cost after-all. Fortunately I was a little relieved when reading the bill to find out it was just over $100.00 and not several hundreds as was expected. So the fridge work has now been finally completed and paid for, it only took five weeks, and hopefully it will now run trouble free for a few more years.

Sunshine Coast

Friday 15th June 2007, Sunshine Coast.

As I previously said it will be a while between reports while here as life goes on day by day with not a great deal being different.

Linda has returned from Melbourne and in a couple of days things should be back to something of normality. She is still coughing with the bug she picked up while down there, but hopefully that will clear up in time to come.

I finally have my Waeco fridge back, and finally repaired. I did pick it up on Wednesday supposedly fixed with a fan motor replaced, but Thursday morning I couldn’t get any milk from the carton as everything was frozen solid, it was working too well. I returned the fridge once again and they replaced the thermistor and all now seems ok, but monitoring over the next fays will tell. At least it must have been covered by warrantee as it didn’t cost me anything, a big bonus I guess.

Most of the people we have come to know while here over the past couple of years are here again having migrated north once again, so it will be, and has been, nice to catch up with them all again.