Caboolture 2021, March week 5.

Tuesday the 30th of March 2021, Caboolture.

It has taken a COVID lock-down to get me back to this. I guess old age must be catching up with me because I have had every intention of keeping this blog updated but I for some reason don’t find time. I don’t know why this is, as I am not fully busy all seven days per week, but I guess I still have those old travelling ideas of resting every other day, so the three days I don’t work/volunteer must be rest days.

As usual I have been kept busy with the men’s shed and the museum as I seem to continue to put my hand up to accept different chores. Last year, as we were talking about buying a house, I gave up the treasurer’s job at the museum, but with COVID hitting I kept up the job as our new recruit didn’t get a start at taking over the role, hence I have now retaken the job once more. Unlike the museum, which closed for over 12 months, the men’s shed was only closed for a few weeks. We were fortunate at the shed to survive the COVID crisis because we had adequate funds in the bank to tide us over, but other organisations were not so fortunate. Even though our income was down $30,000 odd dollars last year we still have the intentions of going ahead building the third shed for storage.

Back to house buying: – COVID also set back our chances of buying that house as it would be almost impossible to successfully achieve the goals as Narrelle and Matt live in Melbourne, and there were no flights. Now that everything is back to somewhat normal, we are finding that the housing market has now gone totally ballistic. Everybody seems to be wanting to buy houses and the prices have sky-rocketed, so we have had to apply some changes to the finance tactics to be able to achieve our goals. We have become aware of some possible shortcuts in getting into the market, so it is now just wait and see what the future brings.

I have been a little short on Men’s Shed newsletters, so here is another Number 031_March 2021. Maybe one day I will get around to putting all of them on the blog.