Caboolture 2019, October week 1.

Tuesday 1st October, Caboolture.

Again, it has been a while, but what else is there to say to excuse me from not writing often enough. Things are keeping us busy, but don’t seem to rate mentioning often enough, when they should.

I am as usual busy at the men’s shed with all my usual activities, an interesting one is to about to prove worthwhile, or not. I am about to give my first actual computer presentation, and it will be interesting to see how it goes over. The main concern at this stage is not really knowing how many members are going to be interested in this happening. One must remember we are dealing with an elderly age group and it is unknown how many do not even use computers.

I have found out today a disappointing fact with the upcoming events at the museum. We have coming up an event called ‘Open House’, this being the name of an organisation in Brisbane that organises a show each year of getting many a varied museums, old homesteads or any heritage business, such as us, to open their doors free of charge on two days one weekend in October. We were involved in this last year and we thought it a great way of getting advertising through their web site and booklets produced for the event, and even the word-of-mouth idea as well. I have known for a long time this function is to be held on the weekend of the 12th and 13th of October, and now It has occurred to me that this is BATHURST race weekend. I have not missed watching a Bathurst race since about 1970, and had not considered missing this one, but the unfortunate thing is that our President has gone on holidays and left me in charge, so there is no way I can miss this function. I guess I will have to have the TV in the lunchroom on and visit for a rest on many occasions.

Today marks the arrival of our eighth grandchild, born in the Philippines to our son and partner, being a girl called Lylou of 3.25Kg and in very good health.