Caboolture 2019, January Week 5.

Tuesday29th January 2019, Caboolture.

The van has now gone. I do not know why it has taken me a whole week to let you know. Maybe it took all this time to fully sink in. I do not know if we will ever see the van again, but I did insist to the new owners that if there is anything they need explaining, with all my 12volt wiring for e.g., that I would be none too glad to go around and offer assistance. I think, though, that the new owner is quite a capable fellow and mat not even ask for assistance. It is getting hard to come to grips with how much different the yard looks without the van parked in it, but it will be good for the van ultimately as they will now look after it better than we have lately.

It has been bought to light that now we won’t be the wanderingtews any more, so what to do with the web site for e.g. I do intend keeping the site up to keep up with TV information if nothing else, and for those who do read it regularly, it will be something similar to “Facebook” I guess. Who knows I might even think about upgrading it sometime in the future???