Bongaree, October 2017, week 2.

Thursday 12th October 2017, Bongaree.

How time fly’s: Here it is Thursday already and we have to pack up and go home tomorrow. The problem with coming here, being so close to home, is that we are still close to everything when at home, and all normal things were done as if still at home. I had originally decided to not go to the men shed on Tuesday but would you believe I got an email on Monday requesting my presence to take some photos, and then on Tuesday it was requested that I turn up on Thursday as we had bulk onions to cut for sausage sizzles, so hence there goes my week. It turns out to be not quite the right time of year to be visiting here anyway as it is quite a lot more humid here than it is at home, even though it is only 25K inland. We had considered staying for an extra week but current bookings will not permit this without us having to move to a different site, and if I have to pack up and move to anywhere it will be home.