Miriam Vale June 2017 Week 3.

Tuesday 20th June 2017, Miriam Vale.

We are on our way home again, and where did the week go. We did go touring around Byfield National park. There were several gravel roads leading into camp grounds, and that was about all. The camp grounds did have a bush walk each, so all was not lost, we did get a bit of exercise. There was also some 4 wheel driving along sand dunes and such but we decided not to go there. Linda’s back was playing up with all the bumping, and to let all my tyres down only to pump them up again was to be a bother, and I was not going to do any dune running or any running on the beach, salt water and all that, so we had to call it quits with what we did see. We did meet Peter and Kris again before we left. They came over to Emu Park to attend a country music and dance affair, so they called in for lunch beforehand, and them came back for dinner afterwards. It was nice catching up with them and meeting Kris at last, although they did drop in at home for a very short visit a couple of weeks ago.

We are now at a small town called Miriam Vale, just for the night at a park behind a roadhouse. We have heard good reports about this park, and the pizzas they make at the roadhouse, so it will be that for dinner tonight. About the only thing negative I have noticed with the park so far is the smell of dirty drains, but it is only overnight.