Caboolture, June 2017, Week 4.

Sunday 25th June 2017, Caboolture.

Two weeks away and now we are back home. With all the problems we had much earlier with getting the caravan in the other end of the yard, that I thought we had overcome, we had trouble again yesterday. The level riding bars dug into the footpath when reversing in, and that has not happened before. I can’t take the bars off because I need them to lift the van so it doesn’t scrape on the footpath, so it had me confused as to what was different. I took one bar off, I couldn’t remove the other because it just dug into the grass, and then I managed to get the van in. After a fair bit of thought I decided that this was the first time we had tried to get the van in immediately after returning from a trip, and the car itself was still fully loaded where it never has before, so it was the car that made everything lower than ever before. I guess I will have to come up with another idea to overcome this problem by somehow lifting the height of the car when in this situation by varying the ramps again.

Anyway, it is nice to get back and back into the comfort of the house once again.