Caboolture 2017.


The year of 2017.

Sunday 8th January 2017, Caboolture.

On Monday, being our wedding anniversary, Linda decided that it would be an idea to go to Maroochydore, our old winter stomping ground, and have a look around and a walk on the beach, as it would have to be one of our favourite beach areas. We had fish and chips for lunch and enjoyed them thoroughly, and from then on all went down-hill.

· We had never walked on this beach in the middle of summer and both got quite burned, especially Linda.

· The 4-5-kilometre beach walk, what we used to do, was a bit much in the heat, so we both returned to the car a little exhausted.

· We didn’t consider the traffic on the way home being the end of a long weekend and everyone was returning home from holidays.

· It seems the lunch we had didn’t agree with Linda, she now thinks she can’t handle calamari, and she spent the next few days in bed.

Even with all this we did enjoy the day out, filling in the day, it was what followed that Linda didn’t enjoy.

The Christmas and new year are nearly over and it is back to the usual routine from now on, with Museum on Wednesday, and Men’s shed on Thursday, plus Tuesdays from then on. With the rain we have had lately, it looks like I am going to be busy tomorrow mowing the grass, if it is dry enough, as I have the day to fill in having the car booked in for a service.

We have also been busy preparing to move the caravan from the drive-way to the other end of the yard on a permanent type basis. This has meant placing some bricks on the lawn for the wheels and jack-stand to park on, and clearing out the garage with more storage so I can once again park the car in the garage. It is a waste of time having a garage if one cannot park the car in it.