Sunday 22nd January 2017, Caboolture.

Building things at both the museum and the Men’s shed has kept me busy this week, but the heat wave we had made it a little unbearable, for us at least. I have been giving a small amount of thought into the possibility of Air-con just for periods like this, but if we can persist I don’t know that I can justify the cost, and then if we did have one we would find we would be using it a lot more often in periods that would probably not really warrant.

An interesting incident occurred over the past couple of days that has severely embarrassed our mate Adrian. A woman at the caravan park where Adrian lives rang me on Friday asking if I could look at her TV. After enquiries, the symptoms indicate a TV fault and she should prepare herself for buying a new one. She said it was working, she turned it off to go out and when she came home it would not turn on again. Adrian then went up and had a look to check if power was getting to the set and could not detect a fault, so I said I would drop in when we had our usual visit on Saturday, yesterday. When I got there my intention was to only inform the woman that when she made a new purchase I would be prepared to come and install it for her, as it is mounted in a swivel wall mount bracket, but decided to go have a quick look anyway. Adrian assured me there was power at the point, the power cable looked in good nick and permanently connected to the set, and the remote control had been tested ok. I then noticed all the buttons on the set were on the top of the set, and decided to just check the power switch, and would you believe it, it had been turned off. I assume that when she turned the set off, by the remote as normal, to go out she also pushed the set back into the wall, accidently pushing the power button in doing so. I turned the power on, this put it in standby only, then switched it on with the remote and the set worked as if nothing had happened. The embarrassing thing for Adrian was that he didn’t think to look for a power switch, especially just after I was having a joke with him, referring to an add on TV, about turning the power on. He says he will never live it down, perhaps I will never let him.