Clontarf, on the road again.

Friday 22nd July 2016, Clontarf.

We have once again packed up the van and gone for a week away. A trip to Clontarf, about 40K away is all we have done, but we look at it as if it may as well be 1000K, we are not home and we are at the beach. We arrived here yesterday and will be here for a week of doing nothing. We have been here before, a couple of years ago, and still it is a reasonably priced park, as are all the Moreton Bay council parks. This is demonstrated by the fact that the only reason we got in here is because just before I rang up to book someone had cancelled, and the park is completely full.

We are readjusting to life in the caravan, as it is different this time being short term hauls. We have to decide what we need to take instead of getting in all we have. We must get used to doing without a lot of things, such as all the tools I used to carry. I have to get used to not doing any work while away as it is regarded as holiday now. Other things have changed as well such as Internet access, we have now connected to NBN at home and cancelled the mobile broadband we did have, so now we have basically nothing portable, except for the small amount of data on our phones, so it is a test to see how we manage, and whether or not we are going to need something else. Telstra air could be another option except it is so slow, and we don’t have any here in the park, and I do not intend chasing it.